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Max300 MoCap Camera

Part Number MAX300-HC
Max300 MoCap Camera<br><br>
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Max300 Camera with Lens, IR, Filter and Cable
  • GigaBit Ethernet Interface with camera daisy chain
  • Scalable network from 1 camera to 224 cameras
  • Use up to 256 markers with MaxPRO
  • 2048x1088 native resolution
  • 10-320 fps at full resolution
  • 1/32 sub-pixel resolution
  • 0.02 mRad Accuracy
  • Up to 10,000 fps with reduced resolution
  • Video output through Gigabit Ethernet and HDMI
  • Real time marker detection, extraction and streaming
  • Software controllable gain, exposure, frame rate and threshold
  • True synchronous snap shutter to eliminate image blurring and distortion
  • Marker information includes centroid, size, average intensity and orientation
  • Sun light and background suppression make the system ideal for outdoor applications
  • NIR illuminator synchronized to shutter exposure for best motion capturing performance
  • Camera can simultaneously record high speed video while streaming out marker information
  • Light Sensivity: Sub 0.01 lux (F1.4 lens without IR illuminator)
  • Lens mount: C or CS
  • Image Sensor Size:2/3
  • Frame Buffer Size: 1 GB
  • Power Input:15V-50V, 6W
  • Temperature Range:- 30 to 70C
  • Optional IP67 Waterproof Enclosure
  • Optional Shock Resistant Enclosure
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